About us

Trias Informatica is a young, dynamic IT startup from Groningen, founded in 2014 by three college friends. After a successful start, by September 2015 it became time to expand the company. In the following months three new employees joined.

Working on IT projects is much more than software development alone; in addition to building a good product, education and support are of critical importance to the success of a project. These three are recurring themes in our company.


Learning new things is inseparable from our work. We learn new things every day and we make sure our customers benefit by these new insights. Education is therefore an important part of what we do.


Trias Informatics specializes in finding solutions to the problems of its customers; in many cases development of a software product plays an important role. We primarily engage in the development of web applications and serious games.


Simply building a good product and teaching people to use the product is not sufficient to provide full service. Support in solving problems or issues is the third important aspect of our day to day operations. We focus on supporting small and medium enterprises with IT matters.

Education and IT

The acquiring of new skills and abilities lies at the heart of our business. We learn new things every day and reach new insights with our customers. We therefore consider education to be an integral part of what we do.

Trias Informatica develops materials and courses for various institutions and partners varying from primary educations all the way to colleges, universities and businesses. We do this both for courses in the IT fields and other disciplines where IT skills, such as programming, are slowly becoming essential.

Development of (web)applications

Trias Informatica focusses primarily on software development for organizations big and small. We mostly focus on web applications to automate time and resource intensive company processes and other aspects of business our customers face. In addition to the development of web applications Trias Informatica (co)develops serious games and simulations.

Solving the problems our customers face is more than just developing new software, but often lies in the smart usage and integration of existing solutions and platforms. Trias Informatica advises our customers in the search for the right solution and aids in the entire process from advice to implementation.

We have professional experience with various programming and scripting languages (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C, C++, C#, Java, etc.), database design and implementation and accompanying tools and frameworks. To maintain a high standard in quality and maintainability we often rely on open source tools and languages.


When it comes to support, we focus on small to medium sized companies with the goal to support these business in all their IT needs. Examples of what we do:

  • Setup and support a (cloud) e-mail environment
  • Develop and support an IT infrastructure matches to the needs of that specific customer
  • Support of end users and employees of the customer

We leverage our experience with Microsoft Office 365 and our position as Microsoft Partner to offer a tailored e-mail solution that matches the needs and wishes of our customers. We have professional experience migrating existing e-mail solutions to a modern, cloud-based solution. In addition, we have experience setting up, supporting and using various web conferencing suites such as Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting.


  • "Ik ken Stefan en Gabe als twee nauwkeurige werkers, die doen wat ze beloven. Ze hebben veel kennis van software-ontwikkeling en de capaciteiten om dit over te brengen op anderen. Het maakt daarbij niet uit of dit nu universitaire studenten zijn of kinderen op de basisschool."
    Jan Salvador van der Ven
    Oprichter @ Groningen Programmeert & Easy Agile
  • "VisualizeMe werkt al enige jaren naar volle tevredenheid met Trias. Het fijne is dat ze altijd adequaat reageren, snel met oplossingen komen en die doorvoeren als er zich een probleem voordoet.

    Daarnaast communiceren ze helder, geven ze goed en waar nodig pro-actief advies, waarbij een pragmatische insteek en efficiency de boventoon voeren."
    Mark Sedney
    Managing Director @ VisualizeMe
  • "Working with Trias is an exceptional experience. They take away hurdles and create an IT setup in your organization that is really easy to use and that very much improves the productivity of your work.

    Stefan, Gabe and colleagues are great listeners. They understand your business needs, translate this into pratical solutions and have strong support skills to make your teams feel at ease. I very much recommend any organization that wants to improve their IT setup to work with Trias."
    Pieter Willems
    Founder @ Sevendots B.V.
  • "I have worked with Stefan and Gabe since they started Trias and have enjoyed every minute of it. Not only are they very knowledgeable and professional, their creativity and dedication make our business relationship a very productive and rewarding one. And, they are also great fun to be around. Highly recommended!"
    Marcel Volkerts
    Principal Consultant Smart Energy @ DNV GL
  • "My work with Trias Informatica was aimed to increase the success rate of the students in the course Programming for Econometrics. In two years, we went from 47% to 79% success rate, in a class that had more than 120 students.

    We have also developed excellent learning materials and exercises. What I have appreciated working with their team was their conscientiousness, their meticulous regard for detail, their exigent style for assessment and of course the most important: the heart they put into teaching. They definitely have a gift for it."
    Nick Szirbik
    Lecturer @ University of Groningen
  • "We’ve worked with the guys at Trias since we started our business. They combine the flexibility and responsiveness of a young, enthusiastic team with the knowledge and smarts of seasoned operators. They are going places and we look forward to staying along with them for the ride."
    Stephen Factor
    Managing Partner @ Moment10